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Credix Debt Management has been operating since 2016. To date, Credix is managing debt restructuring for over 5,000 clients, mainly through debt counselling.

Credix, through partnerships, also assists with holistic financial wellbeing, and assists employees working for some JSE-listed companies, as well as the big 4 banks, among others. 

Added to our cover offerings, we also offer debt consolidation, debt settlement, voluntary arrangement and reckless lending auditing services.

Our core value is affording our clients a better quality of life while offering them protection from predatory lenders.

Our executive management has combined experience within financial wellness and debt management in excess of 20 years. They entered debt management at the onset of the debt counselling industry’s Task Team Rules of 2010 which led to the formalisation of the methodology for restructuring debts.

There are 3 registered debt counsellors practicing within the company. All our staff is encouraged to obtain the debt counselling Certificate. Our staff holds degrees in varied fields from Law to Finance, IT and Administration, bringing about a good blend of competencies.

Through our debt relief methods, we have managed to reduce our clients’ exposure to debt significantly, averaging at a 53% reduction of their debt-to-income ratio.

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