Debt Management


Financial management advice from professionals will keep you from becoming over-indebted.


We'll help you draft comprehensive budgets that focus on debt repayment while budgeting for essentials.


We'll guide you with simple methods of budgeting & provide advice to help you become independent.


Get free access to our budgeting tools to assist you outlying your budget plan for the future.

Learning to Manage

Our debt management services are for clients failing to manage their debt repayments, but not technically over-indebted. 

Our process involves the drafting of a comprehensive budget for the client, trimming the budget of unnecessary luxuries, and focussing the bulk of the client’s funds towards their debt, helping them to clear their debt while maintaining their essential expenses.

This is done through the provision of expert budgeting tips and material provided to the client as well as one on one advice to improve their debt situations. 

We offer periodic reviews of the budget to assess alignment to the initial review and keep you on track.

You’ll get free access to Credix’s budgeting tools to give you all the tools you need to get financially stable.

Your Journey to Freedom Starts

Call our professional team of qualified debt professionals to start your journey to financial freedom. Leave us your details and we’ll call you at a convenient time to help you manage your finances and become debt free.